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With HBO’s Succession soon returning to television, fans are getting prepared for the show’s third season. Centered on the Roy family, one of the most dysfunctional television families of all time, the show is filled with betrayal, intrigue, and cover-ups. It can be a lot to keep track of, even for the die-hard fans.

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As it has been such a long hiatus since the show was on, fans likely need some help reintroducing them to this world. From the big power moves, the various relationships, and the explosive confrontations, fans will need to know it all before season 3 of Succession.

10 Logan Blackmails Kendall For Covering Up A Death

From the very beginning of the show, Kendall Roy and his father Logan Roy have been at odds. From Kendall being passed over as the new CEO to his attempting to buy the company out from under his father, they have had some epic clashes.

But in the first season finale, Kendall accidentally kills a man in an accident and Logan uses that information to blackmail his son into submission. For much of the second season, Kendall is an emotionless puppet for his father and it shows how Logan’s ruthlessness makes him Succession‘s most powerful character.

9 The Cruise Ship Scandal

What makes the Roy’s such a compelling modern television family is how easily they can turn on each other when things get bad. A potentially devastating scandal involving the company’s cruise ship business is introduced in the first season as a simmering threat.

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When the scandal is made public, it becomes a massive controversy leading to a hilariously disastrous Senate hearing. Eventually, it becomes clear someone will have to take the fall and the family comes together to decide who it will be.

8 Tom And Shiv’s Marriage Troubles

Given how deceitful and untrustworthy most of the characters in Succession are, it is no surprise there aren’t many healthy relationships. At the beginning of the series, Shiv and Tom seem to be in a solid romance but things get worse and worse.

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Once Shiv asks for an open marriage on their wedding day, it is just the beginning of their troubles. In the second season finale, Tom admits to Shiv that he is unhappy with their relationship which causes Shiv to demand Logan spare Tom from being the company’s scapegoat. It remains to be seen if that gesture was enough to save their marriage.

7 The Search For CEO Continues

The main conflict amongst the family from the first episode had been the search for a new CEO for the family company, Waystar Royco. Though Kendall seems to be the heir apparent, it is denied to him and since then, several candidates have emerged.

While Shiv is promised the position from Logan, he seemed to also go back on that deal. Roman also expresses interest in the position but no one takes him seriously. As season 3 begins, the position remains open with plenty of interested parties fighting for it.

6 The Company Faces A Takeover


When Kendall was at odds with his father, he helped arrange a plan with Logan’s business rivals to buy the company and take it out of the Roy family’s hands. While Kendall backs out after being blackmailed, the takeover plan moves forward.

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In an effort to grow the company to a size too big to be bought, Logan attempts to merge with the Pierce Company. But as the bad press continues to surround Waystar, the deal falls through and the company looks at in danger of being taken over.

5 Connor’s Financial Issues

Connor Roy is something of a forgotten child in the family and very much outside of the business. But that could begin to change with his financial issues and his ill-advised political aspirations.

After Connor invests a fortune into his girlfriend’s play, it ends up being a massive flop and he loses a lot of money. By the end of the series, he is desperate and comes to his father looking for investments. Logan agrees to help him out if he abandons his embarrassing presidential run.

4 Greg Makes Moves Of His Own

Greg is one of the most likable characters on Succession partially because he doesn’t seem smart enough to be as evil as the rest. He is a cousin of the family who finds his way into the inner ranks and is involved with all the seedy details.

Greg becomes a big player with his role in the coverup of the cruise ship scandal, saving some of the documents he was meant to destroy. After using them to blackmail Tom, he then agrees to destroy the rest, only to save them once again as insurance.

3 Roman And Gerri Begin A Relationship

Roman Roy is perhaps the sleaziest of the Roy children and seems to be the one with the least potential. Though he feels like he is owed a leading position in the company, he proves himself in over his head. However, the Roy family confidante Gerri Kellman begins helping him make more of himself throughout the second season.

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However, their relationship is a lot stranger than a simple mentorship. They begin developing an unusual sexual relationship that comes from Gerri insulting and degrading Roman. While neither openly addresses this dynamic, they are clearly growing closer.

2 Logan Makes Kendall The Scapegoat

While he was fascinating and entertaining in the first season of the show, Kendall becomes one of television’s most complex characters in season 2. He is turned into a deflated and empty man who is a willing pawn of his father who he seems to see as his savior.

However, in the season finale, Logan confronts Kendall and informs him that Kendall will need to take the fall for the cruise ship scandal. It is yet another example of how callous Logan Roy is and Kendall’s willing compliance shows how beaten he is.

1 Kendall Publicly Blames His Father

As Kendall seems to accept his fate, Logan insists Kendall was never suited for this world as he doesn’t have the killer instinct. This seems to be the spark that Kendall needed to regain some of his own agency.

When Kendall arrives to give the press conference in which he is meant to admit his guilt, he instead announces that his father was fully aware of the wrongdoings and ordered the coverup. In response to this betrayal, Logan smiles, perhaps out of pride to see Kendall’s killer instinct or perhaps because this was his plan all along. Whatever his thoughts, it sets the father and son up for an epic showdown in season 3.

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