Back 4Blood Annual Pass Explained

If you purchased the Ultimate or Deluxe editions of Back 4 Blood, you already own the Annual Pass for the game. As exciting as this is, you’re probably wondering what actually comes as part of the pass.

It’s only natural to expect some kind of post-launch content with any game in 2021 but especially from a developer know for producing exciting story content like Turtle Rock Studios did with Left 4 Dead.

So, let’s take a look at the Annual Pass for Back 4 Blood and see what you have to look forward to.

Back 4 Blood Annual Pass

The Back 4 Blood Annual Pass contains three major content drops after release although unfortunately, neither of them has any in-depth detail to speak of.

The first bit of content will be additional story levels. We expect that this will be a whole brand new act rather than just one or two single missions. New story content was always well received in Left 4 Dead so we feel it’s safe to say that whatever is made available will follow on from the high standards of the main game.

Next, you’ll be treated to some additional playable characters. This means more Cleaners to add to the eight you can currently play as. While there is no confirmation as of yet, the new Cleaners could be introduced much like the second half of the current roster. If this is the case, the new story content would tie into the new Cleaners arriving in the game.

Finally, some more variations of The Ridden will be added to the game. This likely has a bigger impact on PvP than single/co-op game modes. It would be cool if the new Ridden forms could be included in the Story mode somehow, just to offer a new and unique challenge.

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