Shoe Coloring Page | The Origin of Shoes, Evidence of Development from Time to Time

Shoe Coloring Page | The Origin of Shoes, Evidence of Development from Time to Time

Ancient shoes | image source: ist/net

The origin of shoes from time to time is experiencing a fairly rapid development. Shoes are footwear that is one of the fashion items of choice for many people.

There are many types of footwear and their development is progressing. This type of footwear is quite a lot in terms of its function.

In addition, fashion shoes are also able to make the appearance style more cool. You can choose various models of footwear according to your needs. In fact, shoes have been around for a long time.

However, it has differences in terms of shape and raw materials. The existence of models of footwear today cannot be separated from the development of old-fashioned shoes.

Never revealed the origin of the shoes found by researchers. This can be proven when researchers find out about the facts that existed from ancient times.

The History of the Origin of Shoes

Shoes are one type of footwear that is a human need today. Footwear on this one is able to protect the feet from things that can hurt the feet.

Especially because of the many models, making this one accessory a lifestyle. The origin of the shoe is clearly visible.

This type of footwear has been around for a long time. Even shoes have actually existed since the ice age or about 5 million years ago.

However, the designs, models, and materials are different. Ancient shoes were made of animal skins. There are many primitive era footwear, located right in the interior of Missouri, United States.

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The discovery dates back to 8000 BC. In addition, there is also the discovery of the origin of shoes dating back to 3300 BC in France.

In addition to those made of animal skins, there are also footwear made of grass or shrubs. This material is indeed widely seen for the manufacture of shoes that have the same function.

The function of ancient footwear was to protect the feet from the hot sun and cold temperatures. Not only that, there are shoes from ancient Egyptian civilization, Vikings, and ancient China.

The existing images or designs are quite beautiful and different. This footwear belonged to the King of Egypt which used to serve to show social status.

The images on these shoes can only be for the kings because ordinary people will not be able to buy them. Because, the price of these shoes is quite expensive.

Shoe Development

The origin of the shoe in 1800, shoes with rubber soles began production under the name plimsolls. Then in 1892, the rubber company, Goodyear, cooperated with this one shoe footwear company.

The result was born rubber shoes and canvas with the product name Keds. Meanwhile, in 1908 Marquis M. Converse founded the Converse shoe company.

The existing footwear product is the first basketball shoe. In 1917, the Keds shoe became the first mass-produced athletic footwear.

Until finally this type is known as sneakers. In 1924 Adi and Rudolph Dassler created the first sports shoe with the name Gebr der Dassler Schuhfabrik, Herzogenaurah, Germany.

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Gradually from its origins, these shoes also underwent a name change to Adidas. In the 1950s, sneakers became a type of footwear that was very popular among young people.

Apart from being widely available in all shoe stores, the price is also quite affordable. 1962 Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman launched under the name Blue Ribbon Sports.

This type of footwear carries high technology. In 1968, the shoe company changed its name to Nike.

In 1970, Nike began production with a type of professional shoe. In addition, it also produces non-professional footwear for runners.

As development progresses, these shoes also turn into an interesting fashion. Nike products are also quite well known and able to dominate the market.

This can be seen from the product, namely Air Jordan which is quite famous. Moreover, it also has the support of the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

It is undeniable that the development of shoes is indeed quite rapid from year to year. All can be seen clearly from the origin of shoes since ancient times until now.

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